Do you enjoy learning about wine – the best value wines as well as expensive wine???

Have fun with wine expert Marisa D’Vari as she takes you on her travels through the fine wine world, interviewing winemakers and introducing you to gorgeous wine regions around the world.

You’ll discover what goes on behind the scenes in classic fine wine regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne, as well lesser known quality regions where you can find the best wine at incredible value (and find them in your local wine shop!)

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Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon: S. Africa vs. Chile

Do you know your Cabernet Sauvignon In the Master of Wine educational program, we often have blind tastings of as many as five (out of our 12) wines, and are… More »


Lunch at Lagar Restaurant in Madeira #MadeiraUSA

Enjoy a Variety of Roasted Meat? Lagar is a very famous restaurant in Madeira, known for its specialty in a style of meat which is brought to the table in… More »


Justino’s Madeira Wines: #MadeiraUSA

Great Tasting at Justino’s Julio Fernandes, Commercial Director, welcomes us to the winery’s main office and immediately puts us at ease with his friendly manner. Before the tasting, Julio introduces… More »

Ricardo Rodrigues, Marisa D'Vari

Luxury Dining Madeira: Choupana Hills Restaurant #MadeiraUSA

Hidden Luxury Restaurant at the top of the city “So what types of people come here?” I ask General Manager Ricardo Rodrigues, as he welcomes on the gorgeous terrace overlooking… More »


Seaside Restaurant Madeira: O Classico #MadeiraUSA

Very impressive introduction to the O Classico restaurant in Maderia, where the beautiful coastline is visible if you sit outside on the terrace on a sunny day. The first course… More »


Tasting at Pereira D’Oliveira #MadeiraUSA

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Luis Olivera welcomes us to his tasting room and adega in Madeira, which his family founded in 1850 and is still family run.… More »


Visiting HM Borges for #MadeiraUSA

The two cousins came from a grandfather who launched the company in 1877. He was a merchant, buying salt and Madeira wine and the business grew over the decades. Now… More »


Fine Dining Madeira: Uva Restaurant and Wine Bar #MadeiraUSA

Fabulous cool restaurant overlooking the city: Uva Restaurant So the first thing you notice when you arrive at Uva Restaurant and Wine Bar is that is it is a super… More »


Fabulous Lunch at Quinta da Jardim da Serra #MadeiraUSA

High End lunching in Madeira “What a fabulous restaurant!” our group could not help noting as we entered this gorgeous upscale place, the most “modern” and upscale restaurant we have… More »


Dinner at Restaurant Armazen Do Sal #MadeiraUSA

Fabulous Dinner with Music at Armazen Do Sal Walking into this gorgeous restaurant with old fashioned photographs, a soulful guitar player, and a very cool vibe set the tone for… More »


Visiting Barbeito in Madeira for #MadeiraUSA

“Welcome,” says Leandro, who manages the wine shop at Barbeito in Madeira. It is an extra special visit in many ways. First, Leandro takes us around the winery which was… More »

Joao Pedro Ghira

Visiting the Madeira Wine Company in #MadeiraUSA

Enjoying the Secret Tasting Rooms and Vaults of the Madeira Wine Company The Madeira Wine Company is one of the oldest in Madeira, representing many famous fine Madeira brands. It… More »

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