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Santa Julia brand comes to New York

Landmark chefs David Nichols (striped apron) and Marc Murphy flank
Julia Zuccardi & Zuccardi family winery chef Ana Rodriguez

Julia Zuccardi, granddaughter of Mendoza-based Zuccardi winery founder Alberto Zuccardi, came to Manhattan with her family's chef Ana Rodriguez Armisen to showcase the new Santa Julia brand to US customers.

"My father named the brand for me," Julia said, explaining the history of Santa Julia.

To add a distinctly Argentinean flavor to the event, Ana Rodriguez Armisen, chef of Casa Del Visitante, (the Zuccardi’s restaurant in Argentina), presented a demo of her easy, authentically Argentinean Chimichurri, the garlic and parsley sauce for beef. Guests were able to try the different wines with the hors d'heourves.

While her brothers are involved with the winemaking, Julia runs Casa del Visitante, which oversees the tourism division of the company. It is designed to provide visitors with an authentically Argentinean experience: horseback riding (of course), wine tasting,   cooking classes, an award-winning restaurant, and soon, a bed & breakfast.

The Zuccardi family wines are famous around the world, and it is impossible not to see them on the list in any Buenos Aires restaurant. Santa Julia offers a more approachable, ready to drink wine. Some favoritesd include the Torrontes ($10), both the classic style and an interesting late harvest style (Tardio) that pairs perfectly with a variety of desserts.

Malbec is the signature red wine of Argentina, and Santa Julia makes a fresh currant vintage ($10) as well as a Riserva style ($12) that is slightly richer with a deeper sense of oak which we had with the lamb dish. This dish was also accompanied by the Riserval Cabernet Sauvignon ($12) and both went very well with these dishes. Santa Julia Brut Rose NV ($13) was paired with cervice, and the Organic Chardonnay ($11) with the first course salad.

Overall, the wines were an incredible value -- the whites crisp and refreshing, and the reds with juicy, rich mouthfeel that make wines from Argentina so popular. The fact that many of the wines are organic makes it so much better!

Many kudos to Julia and Chef Ana, who are touring many cities and partnering with chefs at many top restaurants like Landmarc in order to showcase their wine. 

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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ana and Julia when they visited the restaurant where work. They put on an AMAZING wine dinner. Everything was wonderful…food, wine, and them! Ana is so talented and kind. The flavors and techniques she used where surprising, but wonderful! I would have never thought of some of the flavor combo’s that she used, but they were absolutely delicious!!!

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