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Tasting in Bordeaux with Professor Dubourdieu


"There are five essential conditions for a quality vintage," says famed professor Denis Dubourdieu, speaking in front of over a hundred journalists from virtually every corner of the world.

We gathered together at Chateau La Lagune, where the vat room I visited several years ago had been cleaned out and filled with many seats and tables covered with elegant white clothes. Bottles of pink-labeled Evian water sit before us, along with some empty wine glasses.

Each year, Professor Dubourdieu gives a presentation on the vintage, and though the message is always upbeat, learning about the factors responsible for the vintage is always refreshing --- especially for a Master of Wine student.

Among the positive factors for quality this year was rapid and early flowering, good spring weather, water stress before color change, a good amount of rainfall, and hot August weather.

After a discussion of these factors, we tasted several examples of high quality wine from various regions. Professor Dubourdieu explained the wines were selected blind ...

.... they were all excellent examples for their regions, and the 2011 vintage is off to an excellent start!


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