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Wines from Santorini



Today a fabulous lunch at Molyvos restaurant in NYC to celebrate Greek Wines from Santorini.

Sofia Perpera, Enologist, who is the director of Greek Wine Bureau-North America set up this tasting and lunch, featuring a number of producers who brought a variety of wines, though most happened to be Assyrtiko.  Chef Nikos Boukis of Restaurant Selene and Chef Jim Bostacos of Molyvos, as well as Molyvos wine director Kamal Kouiri, did a smashing job of pairing the wines with a four course meal.

Sofia explained that though in the past Santorini wanted to have events at mainstream restaurants, now that the wines are established she wanted to showcase the food of the culture. Tomatoes, vegetables, and olive oils used in the meal were imported from Greece.

For me, I was surprised at the myriad of expressions of Assyrtiko, which may become my favorite white grape. The difference between the 2012 and 2011 vintage, for example, was remarkable. Though the young fresh wines use stainless steel, some of the wines are aged in older oak, while others are aged in onyx with battonage. I tasted a 2003 from Agape Roussou that was incredible, like an aged chenin blanc. And the wines of Yiannis Paraskevopoulos from Gaia were incredible, rich with minerality.

Though Greek wines are not new to New York, today’s tasting showed that they have indeed arrived.

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