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An Afternoon Lunch with Georges Duboeuf


Alan Richman at Duboeuf Event

“Oh, I see you have been studying,” says the gentlemen seated next to me. We are sitting in the private downstairs dinning room of the new Lafayette restaurant downtown here in NYC, where journalists have gathered to hear Mr. Duboeuf speak about the 2012 vintage which is now hitting the market.

The gentlemen is referring to this “cheat cheat” I created earlier in the week, which describes all the aromas and flavors one can expect from each of the Cru wines. In the Masters of Wine educational program, when confronted with a 12-wine blind tasting, if you suspect a wine is the gamay grape, it is not enough to say it. You must describe the flavors and deduce which area it is from, as well as the year.

According to Mr. Duboeuf, the 2012 vintage is a follow up to the outstanding 2011 and has a strong character. I would agree with this assessment – I tasted through all the Cru wines and found them well balanced and true to character.

Curiously, in discussion with the executives of the company it turns out Morgon is the most popular in America. As an individual, I liked the softer, more floral styles, such as the Fleurie, and also the Julienas which is more structured.

The event was well organized – a walk around tasting and a pretty fabulous lunch with pairings of the various wines. Looking forward to enjoying them this summer!

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