Riccardo Illy

Riccardo Illy: Tasting Brunello di Montalcino from Mastrojanni

Last night a few very special, choice guests, spent a wonderful evening with Riccardo Illy, the president of Grupo Illy which owns the famous coffee brand. The reason I was… More »

Vins de Provence

Vins de Provence Rosé wine: Who Says Summer has to End?

Are you one of the few who limit yourself to Vins de Provence Rosé wine only to summer? It’s easy to enjoy Vins de Provence Rosé wine all year long.… More »


Meeting Marcelo & Patricia Borcado from Proemio Winery

Proemio – Prologue in old Medieval Spanish, stands for kick- start or first page. This is indeed the beginning of the winery’s story. Today it was fabulous to meet Marclo… More »

Patrick Valette

TastingTechnical Director Patrick Valette at The Winery at VIK Vineyard

Curious about high and wine from Chile? Patrick Valette has the answer I just had a fabulous tasting with Patrick Valette, the technical director of The Winery at VIK Vineyard… More »

Cristobal Undurraga Marimon of Koyle

Tasting with Cristobal Undurraga Marimon of Koyle

A fabulous evening with Cristobal Undurraga Marimon, an owner and technical director of Koyle winery in Colchagua, Chile. The Undurraga family started in the Chilean wine business in 1885 and… More »

Fattoria Fabbiano

Visit to Fattoria Fibbiano in Pisa

“You MUST see the soil and vineyards on a clear, sunny day,” says Matteo Cantoni, an energetic and charismatic man with a very genuine manner and movie star good looks.… More »

Podere Marcampo

Visit to Agricola Podere Marcampo

Imagine that you are a policeman and have the opportunity to take an early retirement with limited resources but a big imagination. What would you do? Would it occur to… More »

Pietro Beconcini

Visiting Pietro Beconcini in San Miniato

Visiting Pietro Beconcini in San Miniato “Here is San Miniato,” says Eva Bellagamba, who owns the fourth generation Pietro Beconcini winery along with her husband Leonardo. The family had its… More »

San Gervasio Lisa and Luca Tommasini

Visiting San Gervasio Winery in Pisa

“Welcome!” says friendly, red-headed Lisa Tommasini, whose family owns the San Gervasio winery in Pisa. Like most of the wineries I visited during this trip to visit some of the… More »

Riccardo Gabriele

Introduction: The Man Behind PR Vino

Have you been to Tuscany? Though I have been to various regions over the years, a recent trip I took with PR Vines really opened my eyes to the specific… More »

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