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A Night At The Historic King David Hotel: #GoIsrael

The name “King David Hotel” comes to mind when booking a hotel in Israel. For many people, Jerusalem represents the chance to a chance to view the Old City where historical biblical characters lived and where today’s new generation continue on the work of their fathers and grandfathers. This is really one of the most […]


Brown Hotel on #Go Israel Tour

“Interesting!” I thought, seeing a DJ spinning tunes as I walked into the Brown Urban Hotel in Tel Aviv. Like its name, it’s color is brown, and there is a certain mellow quality to the place and energetic young people who work here. Of course, another thing I immediately love about this hotel beyond the […]


Santa Ynez Inn Rocks

  Fab visit to the Santa Ynez Inn, a luxury hotel in the tiny (and I mean very small!) ‘old west’ town of Santa Ynez. Arriving here one drives through what can only be called a stage set at MGM studios where Westerns were filmed. In fact, there are even hitching posts in front of […]


Luxury Hotel Review: Hostellerie Beau Rivage in Condrieu

   View Full Album “Help! I need a hotel recommendation for the Northern Rhone!” I hadn’t planned on visiting the Northern Rhone, yet when I had a change of plans during a trip to Provence, I went to the Stephen Tanzer forum (International Wine Cellar) to get some helpful advice, along with People on […]