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Cascina Castlet

Visiting Cascina Castlet in Piedmont

“Welcome,” says elegant Maria Borio, owner of the Cascina Castlet winery in Costigliole d’Asti, as we enter her personal two story apartment for our wine tasting. We are in Monferatto,… More »

Costa Catterina

Visiting the Costa Catterina Farm in Roero DOCG

“Welcome,” says lovely, charming Antonella Arrigo, welcoming me to Costa Catterina, her small family owned winery – the same one her husband’s family owned for four generations. The tasting room… More »

Visiting the Malvira Winery in Roero DOCG

“And now,” says charismatic young winemaker Giacomo Damonte of the Malvira Winery, lining up several bottles of white wine. “We will try the Arneis!” In case you have not heard… More »

Week of November 12, 2016

Two events recently made me eager to try and compare these wines. The first was a visit to Piedmont last week, where I was able to taste an assortment of… More »


Recap of Amarone Anteprima 2016

Revisiting my FIJEV trip to Valpolicella for Amarone Anteprima 2016 , in February 2016 I was a participant along with other members of FIJEV for Anteprima Amarone. This event occurs… More »

savoring sagrantino

Savoring Sagrantino: Discovering Umbria’s Indigenous Varieties

Great Savoring Sagrantino Event Have you heard of Sagrantino? It is an indigenous grape variety from Umbria. And the grape (and its producers) had its day in the sun at… More »

Riccardo Illy

Riccardo Illy: Tasting Brunello di Montalcino from Mastrojanni

Last night a few very special, choice guests, spent a wonderful evening with Riccardo Illy, the president of Grupo Illy which owns the famous coffee brand. The reason I was… More »

Vins de Provence

Vins de Provence Rosé wine: Who Says Summer has to End?

Are you one of the few who limit yourself to Vins de Provence Rosé wine only to summer? It’s easy to enjoy Vins de Provence Rosé wine all year long.… More »

Meeting Marcelo & Patricia Borcado from Proemio Winery

Proemio – Prologue in old Medieval Spanish, stands for kick- start or first page. This is indeed the beginning of the winery’s story. Today it was fabulous to meet Marclo… More »

Patrick Valette

TastingTechnical Director Patrick Valette at The Winery at VIK Vineyard

Curious about high and wine from Chile? Patrick Valette has the answer I just had a fabulous tasting with Patrick Valette, the technical director of The Winery at VIK Vineyard… More »

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