Wine from Argentina


Achaval-Ferrar Component Tasting: 2012 Quimera

Have you ever experienced a Achaval Ferrar Quimera component tasting? Earlier this year I was invited to experience a Achaval Ferrar Quimera  component tasting of the grape varieties that go into 2012… More »


Exploring Grand Malbec of Rutini Apartado

Malbec It was certainly exciting to experience a five-vintage vertical tasting of Rutini Apartado Gran Malbec, Argentina’s most prestigious and beloved wine, presented by winemaker Mariano Di Paola. As you… More »


Meeting Ernesto Catena & Matias Ciciani of Bodegas Don Miguel Gascon

  “You look exactly like your picture!” I say to Ernesto Catena, President of  Bodegas Escorihuerla Gascon in Mendoza. I am sitting in a very elegant, yet very busy restaurant,… More »


Wine Tasting Notes Week of October 13, 2014

  Malbec is one of the hottest varieties around the world right now, yet there is “Malbec” and there is “Malbec.” The difference is not just the country (think Cahors,… More »

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Exploring Valentin Bianchi: Argentine Wines with Italian Roots

… so last night it was so interesting to meet Federico Nino, export manager for Bodega Valentin Bianchi in Argentina for a variety of reasons. Of course, it was quite… More »


Bodega Achaval Ferrer Visits New York

Very interesting visit today with with Santiago Achaval Becu, a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business who went on to found Bodega Achaval Ferrar with three friends in… More »


#WBC 2012 Portland – Pairing Food with Argentina Wine

“What are they serving at this buffet?” was the whisper for the opening kick-off morning of the 2012 Wine Blogging Conference. The buffet – starting at 10am and sponsored by… More »

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Bodega DiamAndes Comes to New York

  “Welcome,” says Antoine Blech of Opia restaurant in Manhattan, welcoming Jean-Jacques Bonnie of Bodega DiamAndes and his contingent. We are here at this fun restaurant overlooking 57th street to… More »


Tasting Bodega DiamAndes in NYC!

  Do you recall the California gold rush from your fourth grade history class? At the time, people from all over the world headed to Northern California to make it… More »


Wine Talk with Jose Antonio Galante of Salentein Family of Wines

  What can you say about an excellently turned out Chardonnay? I am sitting at a table in the elegant Lambs Club with Mr. Jose Antonio Galante, Chief Winemaker at… More »


Catching up with Argento: Quality Wine of Argentina

  “Pinot Grigio from Argentina?” a guest asks, accepting a glass of nicely chilled, cool climate Pinot Grigio at the private dining room of Industria Argentina in Tribeca. I am… More »


Wine Media Guild Explores Chile & Argentina

  Did you ever wonder about the difference between Chile and Argentina as far as wine is concerned? The terroir in each country is completely different, and to a large… More »

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