Wine from Canada


Making Icewine 101 at Inniskillin Winery in Canada

   …. so if you have seen a picture of me picking botrytized grapes in Tokaji (Hungary) and Sauternes (France) you now can imagine how different it its to pick… More »


Icewine vineyard

Debbie Pratt at Inniskillin winery: shows us icewine vineyard


Inniskillin Winery in Canada

PR maven Debbie L. Pratt explains Reidel glasses made for Icewine


Lunch with Inniskillin Winemaker Bruce Nicholson

. … so I am in Canada to celebrate the Icewine festival. It is a picture perfect snowy day and my host is Inniskillin winery, who has one of the… More »

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