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Day at Inniskillin winery: Icewine 2


Making Icewine 101 at Inniskillin Winery in Canada

   …. so if you have seen a picture of me picking botrytized grapes in Tokaji (Hungary) and Sauternes (France) you now can imagine how different it its to pick frozen grapes in the middle of winter, in the midst of a blizzard! The grapes have a net around them to protect them from birds. […]

Day at Inniskillin winery: Icewine 1

Icewine vineyard

Debbie Pratt at Inniskillin winery: shows us icewine vineyard

Inniskillin Winery in Canada

PR maven Debbie L. Pratt explains Reidel glasses made for Icewine


Lunch with Inniskillin Winemaker Bruce Nicholson

. … so I am in Canada to celebrate the Icewine festival. It is a picture perfect snowy day and my host is Inniskillin winery, who has one of the most quality wines in the region. Today the winery, located in Niagra-on-the-Lake, is covered in fresh snow. I am standing on the current site called […]