Wine from Italy


#AntePrimaAmarone 2012 DOCG

Anteprima Amarone is an event set in Verona at the end of January to celebrate the release of the Amarone vintage and is sponsored by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Valpolicella.… More »


Visiting Roccolo Grassi winery #AnteprimaAmarone

A Visit to Roccolo Grassi Winery for Amarone “Welcome,” says Marco, winemaker and an owner of the family run Roccolo Grassi winery in Valpolicella. Marco and his sister, father, and… More »

Cesari Amarone

Tasting Amarone Cesari in Valpolicella During #AnteprimaAmarone

Do you love tasting Amarone in Valpolicella? “Allora,” says vibrant Vivian Nella Stagni, hospitality manager at Cesari in Valpolicella. She is wearing a very cool herringbone jacket and black jeans… More »

La Bignele

Visit to Bertrani for #AnteprimaAmarone

Enjoy a visit to a historic winery? Behold Bertrani. It’s a cold grey days as Michaela, the public relations executive, greets us as our small group of international journalists step… More »


Visiting Montecariano for Amarone in Valpolicella for #AnteprimaAmarone

Visiting Montecariano for Amazon in Valpolicella The very charismatic Silvia is our guide to this winery which makes a point of including the once traditional Molinara grape into blend that… More »


Visiting Aldegheri Winery in Valpolicella #AntePrimaAmarone

Alberto Aldeheri, wearing the brown button up sweater of a professor greets us as we pull up to the winery. It’s the most gorgeous time of the early evening when… More »


Visiting Scriani in Valpolicella #AnteprimaAmarone

As soon as our van pulls up to the Scriani winery we are whisked away to the vineyard, where fresh manure is being tilled into the ground. The Scriani vineyards… More »

La Bignele

Visiting La Bignele #AntePrimaAmarone

“What a rocky road!” The path to La Bignele is very small and twisting, yet quite picturesque on a rather austere winter morning. However, when we finally arrive (braving the… More »

Zyme Amarone Tasting

Visit to Zyme #AnteprimaAmarone

“This looks like movie set,” I can’t help thinking – and saying – as we walk into what appears to be a very well financed winery. It is only ten… More »


Amarone Prima

Do you love Amarone? On January 30 and 31, I will be going to the 30th edition of the Amarone Release scheduled at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona.… More »


Visiting Cantina Santa Maria La Palma in Alghero, Sardinia

One of the best things about living in the world of wine is that there is always something new and exciting to discover. And ‘change’ is always in the air!… More »


Visting Il Mosel in Franciacorta

Very interesting visit to Il Mosnel, a beautiful 16th century winery in Franciacorta that has basically been with the same family for hundreds of years. The name Il Mosnel means… More »

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