Wine from Alto Adige, Italy

Alto Adige Seminar: Quality Wines Great Value

So the seminar today in Manhattan was so brilliant both in terms of the wines presented and the speakers. Alto Adige is one of the best regions in the world… More »

Visit to Abbazia di Novacella

This winery originated as an abbey dating back to 1142, a period in which the Blessed Artmanno, bishop of Bressanone, decided to erect a monastery in Neustift. Since the founding of… More »

Visit to J. Hofstatter in #AltoAdige

Okay, so the first thing that happens after arriving at the J. Hofstatter winery in #AltoAdige is that we are hustled into the back of a military sort of truck and… More »

Visit to St. Michael Eppan Cooperative in #AltoAdige

This sleek, modern looking winery offers a gorgeous, modern tasting room and a wealth of information about the terroir where its 350 members grow grapes on 390 hectares. St. Michael-Eppan… More »

Visit to Cantina Bolzano in #AltoAdige

“Welcome,” says Patrizia Sparer, an intelligent looking young woman who’s father is the managing director of the Cantina Bolzano cooperative, which combines 320 hectares of Bolzano’s best vineyards at between… More »

Visit to Nals Margreid

“Hello,” says  Gottfried Pollinger, managing director for the cooperative Nals Margreid in Alto Adige. He’s a neat, compact man with what appears to be a wry sense of humor and… More »

Visit to Wine Estate Unterortl Castel Juval #altoadige #mastersofwine

Ah, the Sudtyrol! Easy to imagine winemakers yodeling in the Alps … and as you can see from this picture, the region is incredibly scenic. Yet here’s the important question. … More »

Visit to Laimburg Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry #AltoAdige

The @MastersofWine trip to the Laimburg Research institute in Alto Adige kicked off the trip in a major way, mostly due to the excellent presentation made by Dr. Heike Platter… More »

Wine Pairing with MWs at Seehofkeller restaurant #Alto Adige

“Wow, dinner in a cave!” I thought, entering the Seehofkeller restaurant in Alto Adige, a very chic, trendy restaurant that is “old world” and “new world” at the same time.… More »

Next Week: Off to Alto Adige!

So I am VERY excited to be visiting Alto Adige next week … I visited nearby Trentino a few years ago, which produces very high quality sparkling wine and am… More »

Alto Adige Wines Master Class

Recently back from a trip to Alto Adige, Master Sommelier Geoff Kruth. lead a tasting and seminar of the wines of Italy’s most northern region. It was an interesting seminar… More »

Distinctive White Wines of Alto Adige

"You need a valet!" remarked a trio of friends from Manhattan’s Wine Media Guild on a very cloudy and rainy March 10th, as I stepped into the Metropolitan space on… More »

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