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Visting Il Mosel in Franciacorta

Very interesting visit to Il Mosnel, a beautiful 16th century winery in Franciacorta that has basically been with the same family for hundreds of years. The name Il Mosnel means “stone hill.” The winery gets its name for two reasons: first, the soil in this area is full of pebbles. Second, the founding family had […]


Visiting Ferghettina Winery in Franciacorta

So I am here at the Ferghettina winery in Franciacorta, where winemaker Felippo Rossi is showing us around. This gorgeous estate was built in 2003 yet the winery is designed in to resemble the Old World. Roberto Gatti bought 10,000 acres in this region, built a strong reputation running a small winery, bought more land […]


Visiting Ca Del Vent in Franciacorta

  Fabulous visit to Ca del Vent where gregarious Antonio Tornincasa (Director of Sales and Marketing) and winemaker Dr. Flavio Faliva (enologist) showed us around this extraordinary property which is both a winery and a national park. The estate is only seven hectares and the vineyards have a south/southwest orientation. Because the slopes are steep […]


Great visit to Villa Crespia in Franciacorta

Fabulous visit to Villa Crespia in Franciacorta, where the gifted vigneron Franceso Ioano is in charge of production. We begin the visit walking through the vines, where Francesco explains the soil and the way he treats any issue organically that occurs in the vineyard. They are required by law to make certain (organic) preparations, but […]


Visiting Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta

Great meeting with winemaker Gian Luca Uccelli at Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta. It is a large modern winery that is even as I tour the space expanding and improving. The winery was created in 1987, an offshoot of the Terra Moretti group. The objective with this winery is innovation and appealing to new markets. Gian […]


Visiting Biondelli winery in Franciacorta

Joska Biondelli greets us at the door of the winery – it is a very cool foggy afternoon, and red and yellow fall leaves are on the ground. Without exaggeration, he claims that this land – opposite a 16th century castle – has been in his family for over a thousand years. It was the […]


Wine Dinner at Barboglio De Gaioncelli in Franciacorta

The lovely Isabella, export manager for the wine group that owns the De Gaioncelli restaurant in Franciacorta. The wines are a mix of sparkling (Franciacorta DOCGG) in various styles including the famous Saten) as well as still. The cuisine was simply fabulous! Very high end in terms of quality and the design of the presentation.


Franciacorta Comes to NYC!

It’s Fashion week in Milan – do you think they are going to serve French Champagne? Last night Milan’s fashion week was celebrated in NYC at the trendy restaurant Upland where chef Justin Smillie created some wonderful pairings for many different styles of sparkling Franciacorta wine. Franciacorta wines are the first Italian sparkling wines produced […]


Visiting Monte Rossa

“Welcome!” exclaims affable Emanuele Rabotti, his exuberant and expressive face lighting up at the appearance of long lost (very lost!) visitors. Perhaps the first thing you should know is that Emanuele i(beyond being a very nice and fun guy) is that he is the owner and winemaker behind Monte Rossa winery, one of the oldest […]