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Paso Robles (Rhone Varietals)


Tasting wild Horse Vineyards Wine with Director of Winemaking Clay Brock

    What fun having dinner (and wine!) at NYT’s Bottino restaurant with Wild Horse Vineyard’s  Director of Winemaking Clay Brock, who has been making wine at Wild Horse since 2008. The winery was named for the wild mustangs that roamed the hills east of the vineyard site. Descendents of the first Spanish horses brought […]


Auction & Farewell BBQ

What a fabulous experience being at Hospice du Rhone 2011 (#HdR2011). It was so nice to see winemakers we met in the Rhone Valley during “Discover Rhone” and meet new winemaker friends from Paso Robles, Australia, and Rhone style wine producers all around California. Thanks to the team at Hospices du Rhone and all the […]


“High Noon” Seminar at Hospices du Rhone 2011

  So far, we’ve experienced Rhone Varietals from French and California producers. Today’s seminar focus on High Noon winery, established in 1976, by the Noon family of McLaren Vale.  The seminar focuses on information about the terroir of the region and winemaking techniques. The most important thing to understand is that McLaren Vale is an […]


“They Have a Dream” at Hospice du Rhone 2011

  Patrick Comiskey, journalist for Wine and Spirits magazine moderated this panel featuring several producers from Roussanne. Patrick kicked off the panel with his interpretation of Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a Dream” cleverly reworded to match the panel’s theme. First speaker was Pierre Gaillard and his daughter Elise from Domaine Madeloc in Banyuls […]


Rhone Rendezvous with The Girl & The Fig: #HdR2011

Over a hundred producers took center stage after lunch, allowing participants to sample their wine. Above is a picture of a woman who showcased her wine with a unique bubble shape stopper, which allows the wine to connect with oxygen before the pour. Sondra Bernstein of the Girl & The Fig in Sonoma and her […]


“Find Your Mojo” Hospices du Rhone 2011 #HdR2011

  Talk about a cool seminar! “Find your Mojo” at Hospices du Rhone 2011 in Paso Robles opens with “L.A. Woman” blasting from the speakers. Moderator journalist Christopher Sawyer introduces Joey Tensley from Tensey Wines in Los Olivos and Morgan Twain-Peterson from Bedrock Wine Co in Sonoma who discuss their wine. Joey from Tensey talks […]


Hospice du Rhone 2011 Panel lead by Christophe Tassan

panel1 2 Wow! #HdR2011 is kicking off with a bang with the first panel, which is moderated by Christophe Tassan, sommelier at MIX in Las Vegas. The room is full of Rhone wine fans from around the world! The French wine makers on the panel are very excited as well. Christophe began by explaining the […]