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Restaurant Reviews


The WallFlower NYC: Fine Dining Restaurant or Chic Cocktail Venue?

    Did you ever walk into a restaurant and somehow think to yourself, hey, that’s my place! Coming from LA, I never really knew the concept of a neighborhood hangout … but that first week in NYC I found almost everyone had one, a place they’d go once or more times a week. So […]


Grand Hyatt New York Central Restaurant Rocks

The Grand Hyatt is one of the most elegant and well known hotels in Manhattan, yet when you think of the Hyatt, the first thing that pops into your mind might not be “high end restaurant” — at least not in a town famous for Per Se, Jean Georges, Bouley, and other celebrity haunts.   […]


Meeting Chef Uri Jeremias of Uri Buri Fish during #GoIsrael Tour

“We call it ceviche because people like names,” joked big, jocular, white-haired and long-bearded chef Uri Jeremias, owner and chef at the restaurant Uri Buri Fish restaurant in Akko, near the sea of Galileel.  This is an old, mostly Arab town, where men sell spices in musty stores and merchants hawk pomegranate juice on the […]


Elegant Dinner at Taizo Restaurant on #GoIsrael Tour

One of the most attractive and stylish restaurants in Israel, surprisingly, has a sleek Asian theme. It’s name is Taizo, and it is absolutely one of the most glamorous restaurants I’ve visited in recent memory, including Paris, London, and New York. The space is seductive with its glossy black lacquer and attractive large tables in […]


Exploring Casa Pomona

    Last night I had a fab dinner at Casa Pomona, a new restaurant in the Upper West side on Columbus between 84th and 85th. Above is Marion Maur, who is also involved in Bocelli in the Park, Marion’s Country Kitchen, and SushiSamba. Of course, it was a gorgeous night and fun to grab […]


La Dame de Pic

So I was finally able to visit La Dame de Pic in Paris … in October they were full. The restaurant has an open kitchen and an intimate dining room … One of the more interesting elements is that the server presents guests with an “aroma” card with words like “spice” and “floral” on it, […]


5 Senses Restaurant in Avignon

See this salad? It is a work of art. I am at the Five Senses restaurant in Avignon and this restaurant is a real find … … the meal starts off with a selection of hors d’oeurves, followed by a choice of different menus … One of the fun things was choosing my first wine […]


Review: L’Assiette Champenoise in Reims

Our group of professionals (we are chefs, journalists, food scientists) had our last luxurious lunch at the celebrated L’Assiette Champenoise. It was a very glamorous space, run by Arnaud Lallement grew up in a restauranteur family in Châlons-sur-Vesle.  At 18, with a Diploma from the Strasbourg Hotel & Catering College in his pocket, Arnaud went […]


Dinner with Jean-Michel Cazes and Jean-Charles Cazes with chef Jean-Luc Rocha in Boreaux

“Krug champagne!” Well, what else would you expect when having dinner with Jean-Michel and Jean-Charles Cazes at the restaurant inside the exclusive Cordeillan-Bages hotel in Pauillac. The hotel (managed by Relais & Chateau) is gorgeous and the atmosphere is very refined and relaxed. We are gathered together to experience the talent of the new chef, […]


Dinner (and Vino!) at Leopard at des Artistes

  Fabulous evening last night at the Leopard at des Artistes! Very ‘old school’ Italian in terms of the elegance of service, with fish deboned tableside. Bar was … interesting  … and is someplace I would definately go when I am in the mood to jot down character studies for a new book or screenplay. […]

Restaurant at Convent Royal, St. Maxim

This is a very nice option for an elegant lunch in St. Maxim, as the area is a very active market place and the usual crowded outdoor cafes abound. The Convent Royal is very quiet, and qutie formal. The food is very good. The menu as I recall is three-course, and the wines a good […]

Hostellerie de L’Abbye de la Celle

Hostellerie de L’Abbye de la Celle This is a fabulous restaurant, especially when the weather is great and one can sit outdoors. Arrived just when it opened and thought the menu quite good and creative. I will find the pictures and load them, here is a link to the web site. Like most top restaurants […]


Domaine de Clairefontaine in N. Rhone

Domaine de Clairefontaine is a charming restaurant and apparently luxurious hotel in the N. Rhone. We rushed here after a visit to E. Guigal, terrified we would miss the last seating and miss one of the last opportunities for a Michelin rated lunch as we had in Arles. The hotel is actually in the middle […]


Restaurant Review: STK in Manhattan

“Look, horns!” A blonde gestures to the gleaming white fiberglass priapic shapes jutting above the heads of the testosterone-fueled bar crowd at the glamorous new Meatpacking steakhouse STK. “How apropos!” With its sleek, dramatic design, STK exemplifies the new female-friendly, NYC steakhouse geared to a younger, hipper crowd. Under the direction of executive chef Todd […]

Restaurant Reviews

Napa Valley The Restaurant at Meadowood Go Fish New York City Stk – All the World’s a Stage BLT Rocks in Manhattan

Restaurant Review: Sinatra at the Wynn Encore Las Vegas

“This is so curious!” says a sultry brunette in a little black dress at the next table, lifting a bite of caramelized scallop to her lips. “This is a theme restaurant – in a Las Vegas casino. Yet the cuisine…

Restaurant Review: Botero at Wynn Encore Las Vegas

Okay, let’s face it! Certain things are to be expected when you think of a Las Vegas steakhouse, and good steak is almost the least of them. If you are like me, you are expecting a very sultry, sexy, lounge-type…

Restaurant Review: Society at Wynn Encore Las Vegas

Society!” exclaims a friend as we walk down a gorgeous hallway in the new Wynn Encore resort, with a view of the pool on one side and the casino on the other. “What a name for a restaurant!” Yes, the…

Restaurant Review: Switch at Wynn Encore, Las Vegas

“Hey, the walls are moving!” I exclaim, putting down my glass of A.H. Hirsch Reserve bourbon. I’ve only had one sip, yet apparently it was a large one, because looking up, the ceiling is opening, too! “Relax,” says the waiter,…

Restaurant Review: Wazuzu at Wynn Encore Resort, Las Vegas

Asian fusion is so…2008!” proclaims a Barbie blonde holding court in the Wazuzu restaurant at the new Wynn Encore resort in Las Vegas. Like many of the glamorous diners at this most exotic restaurant, Barbie conducts herself with the air…