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50 Great Portuguese Wines

Everyone recognizes Josh Greene (editor of Wine & Spirits magazine) and Evan Goldstein MS as great tasters, yet the 50 Great Portuguese Wines luncheon and tasting took quite a bit of effort to pull off, as tables received different wines with the same three-course lunch, so the wine pairing had to work with each dish! […]


Meeting with Paulo Laureano in Alentejo, Portugal

  “I believe in wine with terroir, and I believe in wine that has a story behind it,” says Paulo Laureano with a smile in his cheerful Australian-accented English, as I walk inside the BL Lounge restaurant. It is a modern, yet laid-back place in the wine resort town of Evora, with a sleek looking […]


Dinner with Luis Duarte

Dinner with Luis Duarte   “Why do you smile so much?” Luis Duarte’s mother often asked himas a child. Though in the picture above he appears rather reflective, Luis Duarte has a very engaging, energetic personality as belies a winemaker who has won Portugal’s “Winemaker of the Year” not once but twice (1997 and 2007) […]


Lunch with João Portugal Ramos in Alentejo, Portugal

“A pink marble spitoon?” I am here, arriving in the very comfortable and warm tasting room of the J. Portugal Ramos winery in Alentejo, with export manager Maria Pica. Of course, with so many Marias in Portugal everyone calls her “Pica” — and she looks the party with a happy energetic smile and wavy black […]


Visiting J. Portugal Ramos in Alentejo

    “A pink marble spitoon?”  I am here, standing in the very comfortable and warm tasting room of the J. Portugal Ramos winery in Alentejo, with export manager Maria Pica, a woman with a vibrant, almost electrifying personality that seems to match her curly black hair. Outside the weather is a dismal grey, yet […]


Herdad do Freixo do Meio in Alentejo

Fabulous visit to Herdad do Freixo do Meio, one of the only certified biological wineries in Alentejo which is also “uncertified” biodynamic. It is really a farm that manages 650 ha of land, of which wine is only a small part.  Paulo Cunhal and his brother Alfredo (above) grew up on the farm, and when […]


Tasting with Terras d’Alter in Alentejo

  “I remember you!” says Nuno Franco, General Manager of Terra d’Alter in the chilly air outside the Alentejo Wine Route office. It’s a chilly night in Alentejo, and even though I’ve been here only six hours I’m charmed by the city of Evora which is surrounded by ancient walls. Dry leaves are falling onto […]


Tasting with Antonio Macanita of Fita Preta

“Sexy Red!” I exclaim, almost laughing, as Antonio Macanita, winemaker and partner (and fabulous marketer!) at Fita Preta wines shows off a sparkler dressed neck to base in bright pink foil, with a gold foil neck that says “Sexy!” in big black letters (it also says the name two more times on the front side […]


A Visit with Ricardo Carvalho at Herade Grande

  “Welcome,” says resident enologist Ricardo Carvalho with his wide, warm smile. We are inside the very home-like tasting room of Herdade Grande, a small winery in Alentejo. Lining the walls are a variety of awards the company has won over the years. The Lanco family has owned the 350 acre property for over a […]