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Meeting Ernesto Catena & Matias Ciciani of Bodegas Don Miguel Gascon

  “You look exactly like your picture!” I say to Ernesto Catena, President of ┬áBodegas Escorihuerla Gascon in Mendoza. I am sitting in a very elegant, yet very busy restaurant, trying to taste Ernesto’s incredible Malbec wines through the color and noise swirling around us. Just minutes before, I had been studying the winery and […]


Meeting Nesti Bajda of Don Miguel Gascon winery in Mendoza, Argentina

Now here’s #awinestory for you! Last night I was lucky enough to have a fabulous dinner — and more importantly some FABULOUS WINE — with Nesti Bajda of Don Miguel Gascon, one of the oldest wineries in Mendoza, Argentina. Now most winemakers are very nice people, yet Nesti is loaded with that extra jolt of […]


Tasting Bodega DiamAndes in NYC!

  Do you recall the California gold rush from your fourth grade history class? At the time, people from all over the world headed to Northern California to make it big. Today, Argentina is the “new California” and the new “gold” are vineyards planted in regions with the right soil, exposure, and access to water […]


Wine Talk with Jose Antonio Galante of Salentein Family of Wines

  What can you say about an excellently turned out Chardonnay? I am sitting at a table in the elegant Lambs Club with Mr. Jose Antonio Galante, Chief Winemaker at Salentein Family of Wines. Mr. Galante has an extensive history as a winemaker, having started at Catena Zapata which is credited for the currant quality […]


Wine Media Guild Explores Chile & Argentina

  Did you ever wonder about the difference between Chile and Argentina as far as wine is concerned? The terroir in each country is completely different, and to a large extent, so are the varietals. World-famous winemaker/winery owner and consultant Paul Hobbs presented a talk on wines from Argentina that addressed nuances of each of […]


A Visit to Ruca Malen in Mendoza, Argentina

  When you visit “wine country” just outside Mendoza, Argentina, one of the best restaurants in terms of a gorgeous view, fabulous wine, and food can be found at the Ruca Malen winery. Ruca Malen’s story began in 1998 when Jean Pierre Thaibaud , former chairman of Bodegas Chandon, and Jacques Louis de Montalembert decided […]


Wines of Catena, Argentina

  "Viva, Argentina!" One of the most vibrant guests at the very bustling Modern restaurant on a recent Tuesday night was Jimena Turner, director of education for Wines of Catena in Mendoza, Argentina.  Enthusiastic and passionate about Argentine wines, she is in New York to promote the new book Vino Argentino: An Insider’s Guide to […]


Tale of Two Malbecs

  Behold the Malbec grape! If you love wine, here is a short quiz. Malbec is: 1. a fruity, easy drinking, well priced wine from Argentina. 2. one of the 5 allowed grape varieties allowed in a Bordeaux blend. 3. The grape grown in the Cahors, France AOC If you selected all of the above, […]