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Anna de Codorniu #Cava … on “Sparkling Sunday”

Sundays are always a great time to break out the bubbly and enjoy the day (especially with delicious dessert). This past Sunday, we tried Anna de Codorniu Brut, NV and Brut Rose, NV, cava made in the traditional method in which the fermentation takes place in the bottle – similar to Champagne. First the bottle […]


Exploring Catalonia

Catalonia: A Land & Culture of Its Own Think Barcelona is in Spain? Technically, this is correct.  Yet during a June trip to Catalonia’s incredibly diverse wine regions I realized that Catalonia is very much its own independent region with its own language, cuisine, and highly diverse wine culture. While most Catalonians do speak Spanish, […]


Discovering the wines of Sumarroca

“Mr. Sumarroca visits the vineyards every day,” says lively Director General Joseph Puig about the owner of this winery, the largest non-corporate family winery in the region. In welcoming our group of wine savvy visitors, Mr. Puig gave an excellent overview of the unique terroir, as well as the family’s obsession about the need to […]


Visit to the Spanish WIne Cellar 2013

So today marks the annual date of the Spanish Wine’s Cellar visit to NYC, usually held (as today) at Gotham Hall. It’s a showcase of up-and coming wine producers who are seeking representatin in the US. Of course, if you’re reading this column you know the trendy areas like Bierzo, Priorat, Rueda, and Rias Baixas, […]


CAVA seminar: Marnie Old speaks at Wines from Spain Great Match

…. So a great presentation today by Marnie Old, who gave a talk for Wines from Spain “Great Match” at the Metropolitan Pavillion about Cava. Marnie is a fabulous presenter whose enthusiasm for Cava came out loud and clear. The tasting room on the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Pavillion was beautifully set-up with well […]


Discovering Cava

Eva Bertran of Freixenet pouring Grand Riserva Segura Viudas With the high prices of Champagne, Cava (sparkling wine produced in the ‘traditional method’ from Spain) is seen by many as a fabulous alternative. Yet why "alternative?" Cava is a sparkling wine in exactly the same way as Champagne is a sparkling wine. Both are produced […]


Beyond Cava: The Freixenet Story in Rioja, Ribera Del Duero, Priorat

  Care for a Cava? When you reach for a Spanish Sparkler on your supermarket shelf, chances are it’s from Freixenet, given their 200 million bottle production. Did you realize that the family-owned Freixenet sells 160 sparkling and still wine brands worldwide? Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain to meet CEO Pedro […]


A Visit to Segura Viudas with Vineyard Manager Sebastia Raventos Pascual

  Think of Cava sparkling wine, and chances are the familiar brown and gold label of Segura Viudas comes to mind. Few people realize that this popular wine is actually named after the man who founded it in the 1950s. Mr. Viudas was a grower who made sparkling wine – Cava – and sold it […]


The Freixenet Story …

  You know Freixenet – of course you do! With production over 200 million bottles a year, it’s America’s favorite Cava (sparkling wine) for dinner parties, birthdays, and special events. Yet the story of why Freixenet controls market share and how it was able to hold on to it for so long is a story […]

Understanding Sparklers …

“Would you like to start with Champagne?” the waiter asks as you and your Sweetie sit down to celebrate Valentines Day. As this is a day set apart for sparklers, your answer should be, “Of course.” Even people who prefer…