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Chianti Classico in Germany

… the last two days were a rush of early morning departures for Leipzig and Dessau, and today off to Documenta in Kassel which for many is the real point of the trip. A reception at the U.S. Embassay with Ambassador Philip D. Murphy started off the day, complete with a Embassy tour by the […]


Weingut Ludi Neiss in Germany

  We may tentatively visit Ludi Neiss … and I will have more to say if we do. For now, the story is that Axel Neib is the fifth generation winemaker and the vineyards have been converted to mostly classic varieties. The picture above tells a million stories and I can’t wait to see it […]


Visiting Markus Schneider Belvini in Ellerstadt, Germany

markus schneider belvini … so on the trip, our group will also be stopping at the winery of Weingut Markus Schneider. According to the web site (a rather creative and loose Google translation) Schneider likes to make fresh, concentrated wine with more mineral than fruit and works on the principle (“less is more.) Red wine […]


Review: Dr. Von Bassermann-Jordan 2008 Riesling trocken

 Riesling Wine: Dry or Sweet? Do you like Riesling wine? If so, the next question would be which type? As you are aware, Riesling can be bone dry or as sweet and thick as honey. And an even sharper question may be how you prefer your Riesling to be packaged? The scary looking, but traditional, […]


A visit to Weingut Donnhoff

“Nature or nurture,” you might ask, wondering about the temperament of a child or the elements that go into a particularly delicious, well balanced wine. Today’s wine world is often a hotbed of deception. For example, if you find yourself…


A Tale of Two Schlösser

In Germany, the word “schloss” means castle or “manor house.” These are historic structures, many first built during the Roman times near the very best vineyards in the land. The idea was to create a grand estate to showcase the…


Tasting Riesling with Jakob Schneider Jr. in Nahe, Germany

“When your first name is Jakob, you have no choice but to go into the family business,” says Jakob Schneider Jr. with a charming smile, the youngest in a long line of Weingut Jakob Schneiders in the Nahe region of…


Discovering Kendermann: Behind the Scenes of a Best Selling Brand

When most wine aficionados visit Germany to meet their favorite producers, they often find themselves knocking at a rustic looking door, with the winemaker/owner or his wife jumping up from the lunch table to welcome the visitor inside. Things are…