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A visit to Weingut Donnhoff

“Nature or nurture,” you might ask, wondering about the temperament of a child or the elements that go into a particularly delicious, well balanced wine. Today’s wine world is often a hotbed of deception. For example, if you find yourself…


Tasting Riesling with Jakob Schneider Jr. in Nahe, Germany

“When your first name is Jakob, you have no choice but to go into the family business,” says Jakob Schneider Jr. with a charming smile, the youngest in a long line of Weingut Jakob Schneiders in the Nahe region of…


Riesling Unplugged! Talking Sharks Teeth with Martin Tesch

“The man pictured on this wine bottle’s label looks familiar!” I think to myself, peering at the wine bottle with a picture of a somewhat scary looking gentleman in a stiff white shirt and black jacket on the label. Dracula?…