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Author Ana Fabiano “Wine Region of Rioja” speaks at Wine Media Guild

As programming co-chair of the Wine Media Guild so grateful to Ana Fabiano, Vibrant Rioja, and Wines from Spain for making our tasting of Rioja wines such a success! Our speaker was Ana Fabiano, currently U.S. Trade Director of Vibrant Rioja and author of “The Wine Region of Rioja.” Ana was one of the three founders […]


Rioja vs. Ribera Del Duero: Key Differences

Okay, so several weeks ago I was at my neighborhood wine shop and wanted to test the “new guy” out on his recommendations. “So what is a great Rioja about $20?” I asked. He recommended the Xavier Flouret Fe 2005 (the X on the right).  So being the MW student geek that I am, I […]


“John Deere Tractors a Problem in Rioja”

I read this quote in the October 15, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator … in this article, Alvaro Palacios was profiled and blames John Deere tractors for some of the current issues in Rioja, saying that Spanish winemakers bought them as a sign of prosperity when they made money. The problem was that tractors made […]


Beyond Cava: The Freixenet Story in Rioja, Ribera Del Duero, Priorat

  Care for a Cava? When you reach for a Spanish Sparkler on your supermarket shelf, chances are it’s from Freixenet, given their 200 million bottle production. Did you realize that the family-owned Freixenet sells 160 sparkling and still wine brands worldwide? Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Spain to meet CEO Pedro […]


A Visit to Solar Viejo with winemaker Jose Montilla

  Quick! Thick of Rioja (the famous Spanish wine) and what flavors come to mind? One of my favorite sommelier instructors thought that during a blind tasting, a Rioja can often be recognized by a dusty, leather saddle sort of scent, or by its American oak trademarks of dill and coconut. Actually, Rioja is a […]


Vibrant Rioja: Spanish Wines Affordable and Delicious

…   Today Vibrant Rioja produced an excellent panel and tasting at the Puck Center. The Panel, titled Rioja: Value at all Price featured Leslie Sbrocco as Moderator with ftitve spectacular women including Maria Martinez-Sierra, winemaker at Bodegas Montecillo since 1976, Virginia Almagro, export manager for Bodegas Campo Viejo and Ysios, Trinidad Villegas, Export Manager […]


Bodegas Riojanas

  …so this evening enjoyed a rather lively evening ar the Cervantes Institute in NYC, exploring the wines of Bodegas Riojanas. Of course it is not every day that one has the opportunity to blind taste a 1962 Vina Albina vs. a 1964 Monte Real … or in that case a 1942 Vina Albina vs. a […]