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Visiting Vincent Grall in Sancerre

So what an adventure! As you will have read in the previous post, I had finished my scheduled meeting with Domaine Fouassier and was walking back to Coeur de France where I am studying French … and I see other eleves (students) walking toward me. They were on their way to visit Domaine Vincent Grall, […]


Visiting Domaine Foussier in Sancerre

“Can you tell me how to reach Domaine Foussier?” I asked, first one driver and then another. I had just rushed from lunch at the Michelin rated Restaurant La Tour in the main Sancerre village … explaining my rush and not touched dessert and cheese on account of being precise for my appointment. Yet traveling […]


Domain Joseph Mellot visit with Olivier Rivain

Such a fabulous visit today with Olivier Rivain, an executive in sales for Domain Joseph Mellot for the USA. Very interesting way we connected … a few weeks ago I cut my visit to a prestigious California winery short in order to attend the “wines of Loire” event in New York. Even though it was […]


Visiting Henri Bourgeois of Domaine Henri Bourgeois

“Hello Marisa!” says the very charming Jean Marie Bourgeois in the Sancerre┬á supermarchet … a surprise as Sancerre is a very small town and like a Manhattan nightclub, tout le vignorons visit this market on a Monday afternoon. The previous day – a Sunday – Jean Marie was kind enough to escort me to his […]


Visiting Gilles Crochet of Lucien Crochet

“The only time my husband can see you is 11am on Sunday,” emailed Laurence Crochet, wife of Gilles Crochet pictured above. I am arriving in Sancerre in the middle of harvest and it seems that Gilles Crochet and many other producers are working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to bring in the […]


Visiting Pascal Jolivet

  A fabulous visit to Pascal Jolivet in Sancerre – I had met Clement Jolivet (pictured above) a few weeks ago in New York and he kindly welcomed me to his winery for a tour, tasting, and lunch. Clement is very charming and very active in the winery, especially now that he is representing the […]


Chateau de Sancerre Comes to New York

Marc Sorrel-Dejerine of Chaeau De Sancerre Today Sancerre came to New York in the form of Marc Sorrel-Dejerine, International Director of the Chateau de Sancerre, hosting an intimate lunch and tasting and talking about his wine. Now, it’s possible you are more familiar with the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc than the name Sancerre… and that […]