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Tasting Vina San Pedro 1865 with Chief Winemaker Marco Puyo

Fabulous tasting with Marco Puyo the other day from Vina San Pedro …. we were focused on the single varietal 1865. It was a very creatively designed presentation, with small dishes served with each of the four wines presented. The idea was to showcase the single varietal as well as the terroir where it grows. […]


Visiting Vincent Grall in Sancerre

So what an adventure! As you will have read in the previous post, I had finished my scheduled meeting with Domaine Fouassier and was walking back to Coeur de France where I am studying French … and I see other eleves (students) walking toward me. They were on their way to visit Domaine Vincent Grall, […]


Domain Joseph Mellot visit with Olivier Rivain

Such a fabulous visit today with Olivier Rivain, an executive in sales for Domain Joseph Mellot for the USA. Very interesting way we connected … a few weeks ago I cut my visit to a prestigious California winery short in order to attend the “wines of Loire” event in New York. Even though it was […]

Concha Y Toro’s Newer Brands: Marques de Casa Concha & Gran Reserva Serie Riberas

So last night I had dinner with two incredible young winemakers from Concha Y Toro’s newer, boutique-oriented brands in Chile. On my left was Marcelo Papa of  Concha Y Toro’s  prestigious Marques de Casa Concha brand. He was named Chile’s “Winemaker of  the Year”  — twice! On my right was Marcio Ramirez of the Concha […]


Visiting St. Supery: Day 1, Part 1

“Here’s your 4:30 am wake up call!” says an impossibly cheerful voice, rousing me from a melatonin-induced sleep. In the darkness of my hotel room I quickly dress … and think of the pickers who have been cutting Semillon grapes from their vines since 2am. I am in the Napa Valley this weekend to  take […]


Tasting Notes Week of March 12th, 2012

  … so I don’t usually drink white wines, yet who can turn down a Sauvignon blanc (SB) from Italy? Fattori Vecchie Scuole had an amazing acidity that went so well with grilled branzino. It’s 100% SB fermented in stainless steel with lots of tropical ripe yet crisp fruit and a long, dry, mineral finish. […]


Visiting Constantia Glen in South Africa

  “Welcome!” says Gus C.G. Allen, an owner of Constantia Glen winery in Constantia, South Africa. It is one of the first warm days of the South African summer and Mr. Allen is looking tall and rather like the star of some TV Western against the rugged backdrop of Table Mountain, where his vineyards look […]


Te Awa Single Estate Wines of New Zealand

  I recently tried new signle estate wines from TeAwa from New Zealand, which just joined Cognanc One’s National portfolio. New Zealand is usually associated with Sauvignon Blanc, especially in the minds of American consumers, so it was refreshing to try the different styles and varietals. Te Awa ws established in 1992 by the Lawson […]


London International Wine Fair: Spotlight on Loire Sauvignon Blanc

“What an incredible value!” said a retailer, listiening to Master of Wine (MW) Sam Harrop presenting a 45 minute seminar at the Loire Project Ambassador Booth at stand F60/2. In this jam-packed, standing-room only crowd, Mr. Harrop spoke eloquently about different regions in the Loire that produce the Sauvignon Varietal, noting the different terroir, and […]


Lunch with Susan Krausz of Arkenstone Vineyards

  “Have you tasted their Sauvignon Blanc? It rocks!” To be clear, we are speaking of the 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from the Arkenstone Vineyards estate in Howell Mountain. And “rock” is the appropriate word, for even though this is a California Sauvignon Blanc, the minerality is incredible. “Limestone soil?” I ask owner Susan Krausz over […]


Chateau de Sancerre Comes to New York

Marc Sorrel-Dejerine of Chaeau De Sancerre Today Sancerre came to New York in the form of Marc Sorrel-Dejerine, International Director of the Chateau de Sancerre, hosting an intimate lunch and tasting and talking about his wine. Now, it’s possible you are more familiar with the grape variety Sauvignon Blanc than the name Sancerre… and that […]


Interview with Eric Titus of Titus Vineyards

  Eric Titus   Tonight I had dinner with Eric Titus of Titus Vineyards in the Napa Valley and talked about his Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Sauvignon Blanc while tasting through several flights. The dinner was held at the illustrious Jean-George Vongerichten restaurant Perry Street, which is very hip and cool (think white on […]


Long Island Wines: Blind Challenge Proves They Can Hold Their Own

  Quick! Imagine you are presented with a "blind flight" of Sauvignon Blanc wine (or Chardonnay for that matter). Do you think you can pick out a wine from New York’s Long Island against wines from Sancerre or New Zealand? Assume that all wines have the same color, and for the most part, a similar […]

Joel Delaunay Sauvignon Blanc

… so here I am, blind tasting wine on a gorgeous NYC Saturday, and I pour a few ounces into a glass. It is white and from the nose seems like a sauvignon blanc, yet very subdued. “Old World” I…

Geyser Peak Block Collection with David Bouley

Curious how to impress friends with your wine knowledge without breaking the bank? If you are reading this column, you already realize that high-priced wine does not necessarily mean “better” wine. Instead, you will earn respect by choosing a delicious,…


Kosher Wines for Rosh Hashanah

Kosher Wines for Rosh Hashanah “This is delicious!” exclaims a friend, tasting a wine and requesting a second glass. “Are you sure it’s Kosher?” If you are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, this year, you are in for…


Review: Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc 2007

If you are like most people, it’s hard to wrap your head around the concept of “mineral” in a wine. Most of us do not go around eating stones, or even smelling them. Yet tasting note after tasting note in…


Wine Review: Neumayer Sauvignon Blanc 2006

“Austria!” a friend exclaims, nearly chocking on his sip of Sauvignon Blanc. “They make Sauvignon Blanc in Austria?!” People have been making wine from the Sauvignon Blanc grape in regions around the world for hundreds of years. For most of…


Columbia Crest Grand Estates Sauvignon Blanc 2007

Quick! Think about the grape varietal called Sauvignon Blanc. Can you taste it in your mouth? What are the flavors? In the last few years, most Americans have come to think of Sauvignon Blanc in the style that New Zealand…

Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2007

So I’ve just opened a bottle of Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2007 and inhale the delicate aroma of ripe, yet still firm, peaches and apricots. This aroma carries through to the palate, which has a fuller body than many Sauvignon…