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Tasting Note: Celebrate Fall with J Vineyards Brut Rose

Really fabulous wine for any occasion … gorgeous rose color, charred bread on the nose … Elegant sparkler in the french style with crisp acidity, a long finish, and gorgeous color and aroma.


Brachetto d’Acqui for Romantic Summer Nights

  We’ve all heard the story of Cleopatra’s legendary powers of seduction over Julius Caesar and later, Mark Antony. Yet consider this. What if the tool of seduction wasn’t Cleopatra’s famed beauty, but her secret stash of a bright ruby red sparkling wine with a bouquet of roses and violets? Ancient historians write of a […]


The Freixenet Story …

  You know Freixenet – of course you do! With production over 200 million bottles a year, it’s America’s favorite Cava (sparkling wine) for dinner parties, birthdays, and special events. Yet the story of why Freixenet controls market share and how it was able to hold on to it for so long is a story […]



    Barefoot Sparkling Wines Just in time for the holidays, affordable (around $10) sparkling wines! Barefoot bubbly has won several Gold Medal awards, and is very cutely packaged with the familiar "bare footprint" right on the bottle. I popped the cork for a pre-xmas office party, and the crowd devoured the Moscoto sparkler before […]


Tasting Ferrari Sparkling Wine

Think of a Ferrari and you think of a gorgeous sports car, right? A sleek, sexy icon of pleasure that personifies quality and luxury. So when I was first poured a glass of sparkling wine called Ferrari, I made the…


Review: Mumm DVX 2000

“This sparkling wine goes so well with food!” our hostess exclaims, lifting a fluted glass on a chill winter evening. “I always thought sparklers were for aperitifs or dessert!” As we celebrate 2009, let us also celebrate the end of…

Champagne for XMAS Dinner

Did you ever consider creating a four course dinner with one sparkling wine? The thought actually hasn’t occured to me for one primary reason. That is, because pairing different wines with different courses is one of the most fun, educational,…