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Meeting Robert Pepi of Eponymous (CA)

Fabulous evening with Bob Pepi, wine consultant and founder of the Eponymous brand of California Reds. Bob’s father bought land in Napa in 1966, grew grapes, and acquired some of the best vineyards in the Napa Valley. Wine Spectator called Bob’s first Cabernet Sauvignon “a Cellar Selection.” Eventually his family sold to Kendall-Jackson in 1994 […]


Te Awa Single Estate Wines of New Zealand

  I recently tried new signle estate wines from TeAwa from New Zealand, which just joined Cognanc One’s National portfolio. New Zealand is usually associated with Sauvignon Blanc, especially in the minds of American consumers, so it was refreshing to try the different styles and varietals. Te Awa ws established in 1992 by the Lawson […]


Lunch with Susan Krausz of Arkenstone Vineyards

  “Have you tasted their Sauvignon Blanc? It rocks!” To be clear, we are speaking of the 2007 Sauvignon Blanc from the Arkenstone Vineyards estate in Howell Mountain. And “rock” is the appropriate word, for even though this is a California Sauvignon Blanc, the minerality is incredible. “Limestone soil?” I ask owner Susan Krausz over […]


Visiting the N. Rhone Caveau & Vineyards of M. Chapoutier

  “Welcome!” says Jeremy Steimer in perfect English, looking very fresh and crisp on this hot sunny day with his well-pressed shirt, light hair, and cheerful smile. We shake hands in the M. Chapoutier Caveau (showroom), a gorgeously decorated place where the special soils of Michel Chapoutier’s vineyards can be seen behind a glass case. […]


Comparing Syrah from California and the Rhone Valley

Ah, Syrah! Do you prefer it young, fresh, and juicy with expression? Or sophisticated, well-rounded, yet seductive all the same? One of the best things about living the vida loca wine life is that there are so many helpful “enablers” all around you, feeding into your literal thirst for wine knowledge. Take wine store clerks, […]


A sip of rose

One of my favorite movies of all time is A Good Year with Russell Crowe, which tells the story of a hard-living London banker who inherits his uncle’s vineyard in Provence, meets not one but three women of his dreams,…


Tasting Chateau du Campuget

“After my visit to Miami, I think I am going to start producing wines in a Magnum,” jokes handsome French wine representative, Francois Pages of Chateau du Campuget. “Everywhere I went, people seemed so oversized and built-up, like superheroes!” Yes,…