Too many bottles …

… so in keeping with my theme of a "day" of a wine writer's life I am sitting at the computer at two am with several wine bottles around me. One was left over from dinner at Le Bernadine - Aldo Solm had selected it personally and I wanted to take more in-depth tasting notes.

The others are from a curious new idea I had. Instead of going to my local wine store and grabbing up all the "value wines" (wines from boutique wineries, usually French, with notably respected producers and little marketing hype) I decided to both broaden my horizons and sharpen my tasting skills by having the sales clerks choose wines for me, wrap them in bags so i can't see, and try them.

I toldthem "around $20" a bottle and in a few cases I see they exceeded that a bit, but overall I am delighted with the result. All of these wines I would never think to buy on my own, and it is actually fun to try to guess where they are from and what they pair with. It''s too late to give you a run down on everything, but now I am tasting a Porta Dos Cavaleiros from Portugal 2006, Doa.  More later!

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