Visiting Winery Cecchi – Castellina in Chianti


… very excited to visit Winery Cecchi in Chianti tomorrow on a special study tour arranged by the Wine & Spirits Educational Trust! According to some pre-study of their web site, the winery started up in 1893 with the founder Luigi… and is now operated by his decendents Cessare and Andrew. The winery has 300 hectares of vineyards spread throughout central Italy — we will be visiting the vineyard in Chianti Classico.

We will also visit Fattoria di Petroio, where grapes are produced n fourteen hectares of specialized vineyards, thirteen of which aare D.O.C.G Chianti Classico with the yield about 4500 kilos per hectar. The terrain of the estate stands on the wateshed between the two major river basis of Tuscany. According to the web site, the western boundry is formed by the Staggia, a stream that is a tributary of the Elsa and thus of the Arno. The eastern boundry is marked by the Bozzone, a stream that originates in the heart of the estate. The south-eastern part belongs to the water basin of the Ombrone River, which is the south central part of Tuscany.

As terrain is everything in grape growing, I am curious to hear more about the winery’s aspect. Petroio is on the hilly crest of this watershed, with a north-south orientation which is said to partially explain the low rainfall on the terrain. The winds from the north bring no rain. The hills of Vagliagli serve as a wind break, protecting the vineyards. The blend is 85 – 90 % Sangiovese with the rest being made up of Malvasia Nera, Colorino, Merlot, and Cabernet. The Classico ages for 8 – 12 months on wood, with the Riserva spending 12 – 18 months in wood and six months in bottle.

Stayed tuned for more info tomorrow ….

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