Hostellerie de L’Abbye de la Celle

Hostellerie de L’Abbye de la Celle

This is a fabulous restaurant, especially when the weather is great and one can sit outdoors. Arrived just when it opened and thought the menu quite good and creative. I will find the pictures and load them, here is a link to the web site.

Like most top restaurants in the region, this restaurant is in the middle of nowhere (the village is charming, yet it is a remote village and it is quite a drive). The village is charming, and tiny and in contrast to its ancient crumbling walls of historical structures are the vibrant teenagers who flirt with one another and skateboard near the abbye. 

It made me curious to as to whether teenagers were engaging in the same behavior under the same tree near the same wall three hundred years ago.

Now here it is described on the web site:  "In the shaded square of a quiet little village in the Haut-Var, this beautiful home adjacent to a 12th century abbey invites you to sample all the pleasures of a true gourmet experience. From the vegetable garden of the Hostellerie to the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, chef Benoît Witz passionately draws into the regions bounties. Sunny and original, the menu evolves with the seasons, displaying the depth and richness of his talent: Courgette flower and crispy bacon risotto, pressed duck and foie gras… "

I agree with all this, despite the flowery language. The settign is magical and I have to admit that now, six months later, I can’t quite recall the food yet remember is was quite good, up to yet not exceeding expectations as all the cuisine in the region is so spectacular.

Hôtelier: Alain Ducasse
Manager: Sebastion Pilat
10, Place du Général de Gaulle
Celle en Provence, La, 83170 France

Tel. +33 (0)4 98 05 14 14
Fax. +33 (0)4 98 05 14 15

Chef : Benoît Witz

Maitre D : Eric Adam

Sommelier : Cédric Vernice

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