Exciting 2011 Napa Valley E-Auction Lots

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Some people like the excitement and energy of a live auction … others prefer to relax in the comfort of their own (international!) homes.

Yes, the Napa Valley Auction is now also electronic … starting May 29, 2011 wine lovers around the globe can bid on and win lots.  There are lots of fun combinations of wine and fun (in the form of travel, entertainment) that you can read about here

On that page, you will find a page of Lots, such as Lot #302 which is Amici Cellars … which includes 14 bottles of wine, a vineyard tour, barrel tasting, and gourmet lunch for four.

The great thing about the Napa Valley is the winery families are so generous … they really love inviting their fans to dinner, engaging a celebrity chef, and bringing out the wines from their library.

I’ve been the guest of many such families over the years … and right now, on hand, I have interviews with a few of them …

Click here for David Cakebread of Cakebread Cellars
Click here for Shirley Roy of Roy Estates
Click here for Shirley Krausz of Arkenstone

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