Update on Marston Family Vineyard Wine Dinner at Park Avenue Spring

Elizabeth Marston and Husband Jamie of Marston Family Winery at Park Avenue Spring

Last Thursday it was very exciting to meet Elizabeth Marston and her husband Jamie, who with Elizabeth’s parents run Marston Family Vineyard in the Napa Valley. Of course, with Auction Napa Valley 2011 (# ANV11) beginning this coming June 2, 2011 — and the e-auction already underway it was a great opportunity to taste some wine up for bidding while we are still in New York.

Elizabeth and Jamie are passionate about wine and very vivacious and exciting individuals, and this passion comes out in the wine served at the dinner. Elizabeth had the brilliant idea of having dinner served in the “open kitchen” where we could see Executive Chef Kevin Lasko (below) and his team prepare our incredible multi-course dinner,

chef 1
Kevin Lasko

Seated around the table were long time fans of Marston Family Vineyards, who had fabulous stories to share about their experiences with the Marstons. One couple told us that they first met Elizabeth and Jamie when they made an appointment to see the estate, and the couple spent the entire day with them, taking them on a tour of the vineyard and then enjoying a wine tasting as the sun set.

The family purchased the land in the sixties and sold fruit to other wineries as growers, and then realized that they should be making wine themselves. During dinner, we enjoyed the Albion Blanc 2009, a delicious wine made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes that went perfectly with a “surprise” scampi dish chef Lasko prepared, as well as the smoked salmon and Bucatini with wasabi caviar and creme fraiche.

The next course, baby beets with bacon and pistachio pesto was served with the Marston Family Cabernet 2003, a very rich and luscious wine.

If this wasn’t enough food, Grilled Filet Mignon with morel stuffing and asparagus followed, with Marston Family Cabernet 2007, which everyone at the table though was the most spectacular wine of the evening.

And finally, pastry chef Richard Leach’s “Chocolate Cube” which was quite possibly the most luscious dessert in memory.

These Marston Family Wines are elegant, rich, and as you can see from the more technical post and pictures here, are grown on what could be the most incredible soil in the Napa Valley.

Lots of fun AND wine at the #ANV2011, and hope you can check out the Marston Family winery on your next visit.


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