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Wow i had such a great educational experience at the Wines of Chile event today. Though Chilean reds are totally fab, I wanted to focus on whites today. And ‘focus’ is a key word at these tastings. While it is nice to be able to taste every wine from every producer, it is a better educational experience to just focus on one or two varietals, which means in Chile a Sauvignon Blanc (SB) or Chardonnay (Chard).

And yes, I did taste the off-beat Viognier-Chard combo, yet for the most part, producers stuck to the classics.

The Sauvignon Blanc, as seen above poured by Francesca Martin of Carolina Wine Brands, is a classic Chilean SB by its nose of both green pepper and jalepeno green pepper. People in NYC don’t seem to know this aroma as well as Californians like myself, and now that I tasted every producer’s SB and received those exact aromas, I hope I can identify it correctly when facing a blind tasting exam that asks me to pick out the Chilean SB from ones from Sancerre, South Africa, and New Zealand.

I also tried the Chardonnays, which came in different forms yet uniformly saw some oak treatment. Chileans like French oak, and they also like to partially ferment the wine in new French oak. They do not perform malolactic fermentatin as they like to perserve the acidity.

The wines here were very exciting and can not wait to try the reds on the next trip.

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