Day 9: Adventures in the South of France (language school)


Our day at school is broken up into several parts … typically we start with correcting our homework for two hours (it takes me a few hours a night just to do it!) and then we have a short break, a new lesson, and lunch followed by a “session practique” in which we learn things like etiquette in France.

France is an extremely polite culture.

There is also a script to the language.

In LA and NY, when someone asks how things are going, it’s automatic to say “great!” Or maybe, “everything is going really well.”

Not the case in France.

The scripted answer is “nothing much” or “nothing special.” We are not allowed to say anything else. We can also add “Le Tran Tran” if we want, meaning we are doing the same thing over and over.

I asked another student about this and he replied that in LA and NY, life is more exciting and it’s possible that people in small villages do not really have a lot to report.

Tonight we have an Institute organized dinner at a restaurant in town that starts at 7:30 – yet another student in my class organized her own dinner. I was invited for cocktails and have to report she has an incredible apartment built for parties (pic of her terrace above).

The dinner with other students at the restaurant was fun too!

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