French Producers Visit New York

“We are here to learn more about the American market,” says Marie Hours of Domaine Uroulat, the only producer from the Jurancon.

Today several journalists had lunch at Bar Boulud with five producers (mostly from Bordeaux) to hear their stories and taste their wines.

Marie Hours, for example, already seemed to have a very interesting take on the American market, as her sweet white wine is called “Happy Hours” — as a journalist who has written a thesis on millennials and their buying habits, a very clever choice. However, the name is not quite the gimmick it appears as her last name is “Hours.” In any event, the wine was delicious and is already sold in top restaurants like Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon.

As I was sitting next to Marie, her story was the strongest – she speaks excellent English and has worked in wineries around the world to gain experience.

The other producers included Bruno Lallemand from Cotes de Bourg, Chris Cardon and Lai Martin from Chateau La Haye (Cru Bourgeois in St Estephe), Aurelie Anney from Chateau Tour des Termes, (Cru Bourgeois in St Estephe), and Frederique de Lamothe from the Alliance Crus Bourgeois who represents the Crus Bourgeois du Medoc.

Though the mission was an exploratory one (finding the best way to understand the American market so they can sell more effectively to Americans) it was also to showcase the quality of their wines. As each producer stood up to speak, they outlined their production methods.   Though not every journalist was a master of wine student, from their rapt attention it was clear that the minute detail of the wine making process, such as how much time in oak, what type of oak, etc, this was of great interest.

All the wines were very good, and since most were Cru Bourgeois, the campaign was also a mission to highlight the quality of this well-made, affordable class of wine. Competition to belong to this class is very competitive.

To find out more about Crus Bourgeois and its history, please click here

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