“G-Night” #DVR2013 Avignon Style

Florent Lancon of Domaine de la Solitude

So last night was my second G-night … as was the case two years ago, it was held at a club called Delirium just off the central shopping street …

Many producers were there to show off their latest vintage, and in many cases, brought a special vintage for guests. I was surprised to see the famed critic Michel Bettane tasting around – few seemed to know who he was.

I had some interesting conversations in French and English with some of the producers, as Monday I need to be able to write an essay titled “If Green Pays” for my Masters of Wine Course day.

The essay must use examples of if, how, and why going organic or “Lutte Raisonee” pays for the producer … but no producer was able to give me actual figures of how expensive it is to “go green” or any sort of investment information.

While the trend is “Lutte Raisonee” and certified organic, producers merely identified their motivation as “they felt it was the right thing to do” and when i asked about investment they virtually all shrugged and said something to the effect of it not costing money, but taking more time and care in the vineyard.

That said, it was a fun party, with a group singing sixties music such as “Sweet Little 16” and many people dancing.

Another curious trend was the number of English producers who moved to the area and bought wineries, including Neil Joyce of La Celestiere and James king of Chateau unang, who is in the process of going organic.

I also enjoyed talking to Frederic David of Domaine de la Clastre, a talkative and lively fellow who makes a Kosher wine.

Frederick David of Domaine de la Clastre

I tasted an astonishing number of wines, and it’s amazing the expression of Grenache depending on producers. Most producers destem, with complicated methods of aging … often aging for a year in foudres and then putting it back into cement.

For whatever reason, I quite liked tasting the wine of Chene Blue made by winemaker Jean-Louis Gallucci – possibly because he is not in an AOC area and has the freedom to make wine in the style he prefers.

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