New York Palce Unveils 14 Million Transformation



On Tuesday, September 17, 2013, movers and shakers – including Mayor Bloomberg -turned out to see the 140 million dollar renovation of some of the top suites of this classic hotel, along with a tour of the six new restaurants.

All I can say is that it was INCREDIBLY cool. If I ever had 25,000 to spend on one night in a hotel room, this would totally be it. The views of the city were just incredible, and — well, just imagine that movie with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts where they spent a week in this incredibly elegant hotel and you will know what I mean, yet this was better.

Mayor Bloomberg was incredibly cool, as was the hotel’s General Manager who seemed like a great guy to work for.

Some of the takeaway points from the evening were these:

1 – there are people who actually have enough money to stay here for weeks, not just a night

2- there are enough of these wealthy people for the hotel to build VIP suites just for this target market

3- the hotel is actually very cool, yet not sure how many Manhattanites know about it to drop by for drinks or dinner

4 – according to Mayor Bloomberg, NYC is the leading destination city in the world

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