Tasting Note February 2, 2014

Vaza Rioja Cosecha 2012

Very fresh and vibrant wine with red cherries, oak, that pairs well with many different cuisine at an affordable price point.  This is actually the entry level wine of a top winery I visited in Rioja Solar Viejo

Jose Montilla is the winemaker at Solar Viejo in Rioja, which was originally built in the 1970s, and purchased by the Freixenet family in 2004. The very best grapes are sourced from over 35 neighbouring growers who have been growing grapes for Solar Viejo for decades.

Rioja first became a Denominacion de Origen in 1925, and in 1991 was named a Denominación de Origen Calificada (DOC). The region stretches 75 miles along the Ebro River in Northern Spain and is divided into three growing regions, each bringing fruit with its own unique characteristic.

The higher altitude regions to the north, Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa, have moderate weather and some moisture, while Rioja Baja to the east experiences hot, dry weather. Most of the grapes used in Solar Viejo are sourced from Alavesa, which is higher in altitude with lower levels of rainfall, and are said to make the best wine.

Peromato Tempranillo 2012(from Castilla Y Leon)

Fun affordable easy drinking wine great for parties, with high acidity, and red cherry fruit.

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