Livio Felluga’s Terre Alte 20th Celebration


Andrea Felluga

What a fabulous event to experience 12 vintages of Livio Felluga’s Terre Alte!

I first experienced this wine when I asked Chambers Street Wine to send me some “Italian Whites” blind so I could better prepare for my Master of Wine exams. This wine, perhaps the 2010 vintage, really overwhelmed me with its texture, aroma, and flavors.

And a few years later – exactly today – I had the good fortune to experience the wine and its many older siblings along with the newer releases

Well, obviously Andrea is sophisticated to know that the wine world is divided between those who like “old wine” and “new.”

To give us all the spoils of his riches, we had wines from 1997 to 2012.

(Oh, a hint, I am in the “old” camp though others preferred the freshness of the new vintages.  Wow, the honeyed and acacia flavors of the older wines were so incredible. And they were also so youthful despite their age.

And here is another … secret? admission?

As much as I loved all the wines, and also the excellent organization of giving guests all the vintages in one fantastic tasting circle, the “other” best thing about the event was hearing Andrea speak about the wines and his family.

He is one of three brothers and one sister from a father born in 1914. As this region in Northeast Italy was at times subject to other countries, there was some drama when his father was a young man … yet in the fulness of time he was able to buy 500 acres of hill country in the Collio and Colli Orientali de Fruili.

This was an extra special tasting as Andrea himself was not able to taste all these vintages in one sitting.

All I can say is thank you to Andrea, to Creative Palate that organized it, and this incredible terroir and wine.

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