Meeting Marcelo & Patricia Borcado from Proemio Winery

 Marcelo Borcado and Harriet Lembeck

Marcelo Borcado and Harriet Lembeck

Proemio – Prologue in old Medieval Spanish, stands for kick- start or first page. This is indeed the beginning of the winery’s story.

Today it was fabulous to meet Marclo Borcado and his wife Patricia who are the creators of Proemio winery.

In 2001, Marcelo Bocardo, third generation winemaker and the descendant of a traditional Italian immigrant family founded Proemio with the goal of producing high quality wines that truly represent his ancestors’ passion for viticulture and a legacy for the generations to come.

The couple were in town to meet their American distributors and journalists on a very intensive schedule.

During the lunch at the fashionable Le Cirque, we tasted through their range which included Malbec and Cabernet Savignon Reserva 2015 on one end (both $19.99) and a very special 2003 Bordeaux style blend on the other, which they made for their daughter’s 15th birthday party.

In between we had a syrah/grenache bend and a petite verdot, all very balanced with lots of finesse, along with their icon wine that saw 100% of new oak.

Proemio has adopted a sustainable approach, with grapes are sourced from diverse terroirs with unique soils, altitude and climates.

It was truly rewarding to see a winemaker who has worked for many different wineries make his mark in the world with his own winery, with very delicious wines.

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