Experiencing Fullerton Wines from Oregon

It was great to meet the father and son team behind Fullerton Wines of Oregon today at the very Nordic Smörgås restaurant on Park Avenue.

The family is from Denmark yet has been settled in Oregon for quite some time, so it was great to try this new world wine with its Old World roots.

I had the good fortune to be sitting next to the wine maker, Alex Fullerton, who grew up in both Denmark and Oregon.

Across from me was Matt Wieland Communications and Wine Club Manager. And of course the patriarch Eric Fullerton was at the head of the table.

Like many wineries in Oregon, this is a small family operation. The elder Mr. Fullerton was involved in a number of profitable businesses when he created the winery with his family in 2012.

Everyone in the family is involved to the extent that the first letter of every family member’s name spells out the word FACES, a brand which has his own label and is a subset of Fullerton wines.

The family makes very high-end Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and rosé Pinot Noir as well.

Like many families in Oregon, quality is key – all the Pinot Noirs were excellent, though they come at different price points depending on how much new French oak was used and other criteria.

All of the wines were great – including the entry-level Pinot Noir which did not have any oak at all.

Despite this it had a great structure and really expressed the Oregon terroir.

The two Chardonnays differed in that one saw no new oak (oak is a leading factor in the high prices of Chardonnay), but it did not need it at all. It was aged on the lees and had full malolactic fermentation, so it was wonderful just the way it was aexpressed the terroir of Oregon.

The Pinot Noir rosé wine was fabulous – when I asked if it was a direct press method or saignee method the answer was it was a mix of both – the family was divided between the two methods so they decided to produce it “their way” and in the end blended the two.

It was great having the time to spend with his family and to experience and also taste the fruits of their labor. Right now they have distribution in the USA so look for it at your favorite restaurant.

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