Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW: “Rosé Wine: The Guide to Drinking Pink”

Do you love Rosé wine?

Join the crowd. Chances are, if you’re not a Master of Wine like Jennifer you simply enjoyed Rosé Wine and didn’t really think about how it was made, the grapes used, or what country it came from.

Chances are, you may not have even wondered “why” you liked a certain Rosé Wine and not another style of Rosé Wine.

In this very pretty pink book, Jennifer asks you to take a quiz about how you like your coffee and tea, and after answering you add up the points and discover just what style of Rosé wine you like, and why (for example, some like rosé wine crisp, some like it fruity …)

Given the popularity of this style of wine, Rosé Wine: The Guide to Drinking Pink a great book to read so you can impress your friends with your wine savvy, and an even better is to use it to plan a Rosé wine with all the different styles.

Jennifer’s writing style is fun and easy to read, and you’ll have even more fun trying the wines in the name of research.

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