Symington Family Estates Announces 2015 Vintage

Symington Family Announces 2015 Vintage

Symington Family Announces 2015 Vintage

Fabulous day for Port lovers around the world — and especially those living in New York and able to attend this tasting seminar — as key members of the Symington family (namely Rupert and Charles) came to New York to showcase the majestic 2015 vintage and highlight evolution of the 2015 vintage from their various estates by showcasing them against older vintages.

So for example, Graham’s 2015 The Stone Terraces was contrasted to Graham’s 1970 Vintage Port, a vintage though now nearly transparent and topaz colored, was vibrant and going strong.

The more feminine Dow’s Quinta Da Senhora Da Ribeira 2105 Vintage Port was contrasted against the Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port – still very black-purple with decades of life.

The Quinta do Vesuvio 2015 Vintage Port was contrasted with the Quinta do Vesuvio 1995 – of course still young and evolving.

And (drum roll!) the Cockburn 2015 Vintage Port is celebrating its biocentenary. It’s important to note that Touriga Franca constitutes the biggest component of this wine, with 41% in 2015 compared to 30% in the 2011. This was contrasted with the 2011 Cockburn Vintage Port.

The Symington cousins had a busy USA schedule – flying to Chicago tonight and perhaps other states after that. Interesting to note that now, the United States surpasses the UK in sales.

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