Halloween: Port Wine is Better Than Candy

I love candy as much – or more – than anyone else!

Yet in the last few years I have come to enjoy the Fall season and Halloween as well by taking a step to the more sophisticated side.

Below are three fabulous ways to enjoy the traditional candies of the season, with your choice of a Port wine.  I have had them all (the Port wine, that is) and favor them all equally.

As for the candy, well — your choice!

DOW’S LATE BOTTLED 2011 PORTO … what more an be said? 2011 was a fabulous year, and when we have this wine in our line-up with actual vintage port wines in the MW program, many people think this is the true vintage port! The reason is a combination of the excellent 2011 growing season, and the fact that this wine is ready to drink right this minute, no need to wait! Forget the candy, just drink this wine!

OTIMA 10 Year Old Tawny Port challenges the perception of Port as a dark and full-bodied after dinner drink.  It is light and delicate on the palate, elegant in its rich tawny color and long finish, and beautifully balanced with hints of nut and dried fruit. When served slightly chilled it pairs perfectly with a sophisticated grilled cheese.   Or … in the case of Halloween .. DOTS candy.


Special Reserve still has the softness and smoothness that can only be achieved by slow ageing in old oak barrels. I love the dark fruit and spice! It has the characteristics of a long aged Port, but ready to drink right now! I was thinking of black licorice, what is your thought?

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