Visiting Torre de Palma in Alentejo

Ah, Alentejo.

Land of enchantment.

We enjoyed visiting the extremely picturesque Torre de Palma winery, a gorgeous estate that would not look out of place in Bordeaux.

It is actually advertised on its own website as a “wine hotel” because even though they make (delicious!) wine, the estate is so gorgeous many people stay here for destination weddings or just to enjoy a few days of acting like they are royal personages living in their own castle.

The story is that the estate was built a few hundred years ago as a residence for the favorite illegitimate son of a wealthy Nobleman.

Today the estate has new owners, who produce excellent wine under the watchful eyes of winemaker Duarte de Deus and sales manager Jorge Campos.

The wines here are absolutely excellent. Much care is given to growing the grapes in the vineyard, and Duarte takes great pride in the vinification of the grapes.

When he takes us to the barrel room to offer us tastes of his wines maturing in wood, he touches the barrels in what can only be described as a loving fashion. He is clearly very proud of his work here – justifiably so from the taste of the wine.

Today is a special day at Torre de Palma because they are celebrating the end of harvest with a big dinner for the winery workers. A pig is slowly roasting on an open fire in the courtyard of the estate as we tour the various rooms and buildings of this estate, which is filled with incredible art. Even the barrel room has  a modern art exhibition that will soon temporarily travel to a museum in town.

This is a gorgeous estate to visit for the day or take a room her, especially in summer as they have a lovely swimming pool.


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