Visiting Adega Mayor Winery in Alentejo

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This high-end winery is a tribute its founder philanthropist Rui Nabeiro, who found a coffee empire and translated into a shrine for wine.

The Adega Mayor winery was designed by the well-known architect Alvaro Siza.

Welcoming us to the estate was gregarious winemaker Carlo Veronese, who seems to have arranged for us to arrive at the absolutely perfect moment — the sun was setting in a most romantic fashion over the vineyard, and just a few minutes later, while enjoying his sparkling wine on the rooftop, the full moon was beginning to rise.

The terrace on which we stood, sipping the wine and looking at the moon, was beautiful — all lovely grass with a rectangular pool running down the middle.

I suspected it was not decorative and I was right — the pool served the purpose of adding humidity to the barrel maturation room below.

Carlo then took us on an enthusiastic tour of the barrel room, stopping at nearly every barrel and tank to have us taste the wine. Carlo has been winemaker here for five years, a long enough time to see several vintages of grapes from the vineyard turn into bottles of fine wine.

After the tasting of the unfinished wine in the winery, we went upstairs for a formal tasting of the wines they had to offer.

The combination of the respected Rui Nabeiro and his vision, and the energy and talent of Carlo, are fully realized here.

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