Visiting Domaine Pouderoux

I was looking forward to an excursion into Maury to visit Domaine Pouderoux, an estate established in 1826.

Maury is a part of the Roussillon world famous for its fortified wine and rugged landscape. Indeed, as we approached the showroom of Domaine Pouderoux, the dramatic mountains were jutting upwards toward to sky.

As we entered the small showroom, I was introduced to the very elegant looking proprietor M. Pouderoux. I was surprised to find out that the showroom, long ago, had actually been the home he had grown up in.

Like many children of winemaking families, Mr. Pouderoux left for an education and a big city career as a layer, before returning home to take over the family winery. This was in the early 1980s, when Roussillon producers began to concentrate on quality over quantity.

One of the first things he did was revitalize the vineyards, which today are organic.

The winery takes great pride in their hand-crafted approach to wine. It was a great visit to a dedicated producer that are such excellent examples of sweet fortified wine from the Maury region.

Very grateful to meet M. Pouderoux and taste the wines that are such great examples of the Maury terroir.

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