Exploring Greek Wines of Dougos Winery

A fabulous holiday dinner at the really fun BEA restaurant midtown with Mr. Dougos and four of his best wines.

The dinner began with his signature white wine, Meth’Imon Acacia Assyrtiko, which was paired with Tuna Tar Guac and Pork Dumplings. This is an exceptional white wine, very crisp and refreshing by virtue of 3% Sauvignon Blanc. It was also interesting that a portion of this wine was aged in Acacia barrels.

Dougos winery

Mr. Dougas and guest Syrah Queen

The next course of House Ricotta and Roasted Beet salad was paired with the red blend Rapsani, including Xinomavro with Krasato and Stavroto.

Two pizza dishes (mushroom and cheese), along with spicy lamb meatballs, was served with Rapsani old vines, the same blend as above but with sixty year old vines.

The final course of baby scallops and lamp chops was served with the Meth’Imon 7, a red wine that is thought of as the “Greek Chateauneuf du Pape.”

It was lovely to see Mr. Dougos again and hear him introduce his excellent wines.

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