Wine from N. Rhone, France

2006 Monier de la Chaptoutier Sizeanne

Tasting Colour : deep garnet red, with purplish lights. Nose : red fruit (rapberry, blackcurrant), with a hint of liquorice. Mouth : good attack, round and elegant wine with concentrated… More »

The New “Vidal-Fleury” Revolution …

  Imagine yourself in Ampuis in 1781.  This is a tiny town in the Northern Rhone, famous for its red wine made from Syrah and white from Viognier. Joseph Vidal-Fleury,… More »

Visiting the N. Rhone Caveau & Vineyards of M. Chapoutier

  “Welcome!” says Jeremy Steimer in perfect English, looking very fresh and crisp on this hot sunny day with his well-pressed shirt, light hair, and cheerful smile. We shake hands… More »

Comparing Syrah from California and the Rhone Valley

Ah, Syrah! Do you prefer it young, fresh, and juicy with expression? Or sophisticated, well-rounded, yet seductive all the same? One of the best things about living the vida loca… More »

Domaine de Clairefontaine in N. Rhone

Domaine de Clairefontaine is a charming restaurant and apparently luxurious hotel in the N. Rhone. We rushed here after a visit to E. Guigal, terrified we would miss the last… More »

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