Wine from Germany

Dr. L and Dr. L Dry Rieslings Hit the US Market

  Do you like Riesling wine?Here in NYC, it’s all the rage – some fanatics even have the name of this grape imprinted on their arm as a tattoo. Last night,… More »

Forthcoming visit to Weingut Rudolf Furst

    Also excited to be visiting Weingut Rudolf Furst in Burgstadt, a section of Franconia, in a few week’s time. From what I read on the (German) web site… More »

Soon to visit Stadt Klingenberg in Franconia!

Wow, this hillside vista looks very old world, yes? In a matter of days I will be visiting Franconia (Franken in English) which is a bit off the beaten path. Most… More »

Sudpfalz Connexion

Volker Gies What a treat to visit 5 young winemakers on a recent trip to Germany, arranged by the Masters of Wine and Geisenheim university. Germany is one country that… More »

Tasting & Dinner at Schloss Schonborn 2011

  Very excited to visit Schloss Schonborn again this week as a student in the Masters of Wine education program. The first time I went was on a trip sponsored… More »

Weingut Bassermann-Jordan

  During the trip we will be having dinner at this winery, an event called “‘Bistro Freundstück’ Bassermann-Jordan winery is a family dynasty which, together with others, established and greatly… More »

Weingut Ludi Neiss in Germany

  We may tentatively visit Ludi Neiss … and I will have more to say if we do. For now, the story is that Axel Neib is the fifth generation… More »

Visiting Markus Schneider Belvini in Ellerstadt, Germany

markus schneider belvini … so on the trip, our group will also be stopping at the winery of Weingut Markus Schneider. According to the web site (a rather creative and… More »

Visiting Philippe Kuhn in Pfalz

  I am SO EXCITED to be visiting Philipp Kuhn in Pfalz this week! It will be my first time to Pfalz,and Kuhn is one of the key producers of… More »

Tasting Notes Week of July 8, 2011

  So I recently received a shipment of the exciting 2010 vintage of assorted German wine from Valckenberg. This is the oldest family owned wine merchant in Germany, and is… More »

2009 Rieslings

  Do you love Riesling wine? After spending three days in Germany recently on a Master of Wine sponsored trip, I am absolutely amazed at the quality, minerality, and incredible… More »

Riesling World Tour & Spanish Wine 2010

Martin Tesch Today in NYC two of the biggest wine shows came to town, both located at the same time at different ends of the city. Now knowing that Riesling… More »

Wine regions in Germany

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