Wine from Pfalz, Germany

Weingut Bassermann-Jordan

  During the trip we will be having dinner at this winery, an event called “‘Bistro Freundstück’ Bassermann-Jordan winery is a family dynasty which, together with others, established and greatly… More »

Weingut Ludi Neiss in Germany

  We may tentatively visit Ludi Neiss … and I will have more to say if we do. For now, the story is that Axel Neib is the fifth generation… More »

Visiting Markus Schneider Belvini in Ellerstadt, Germany

markus schneider belvini … so on the trip, our group will also be stopping at the winery of Weingut Markus Schneider. According to the web site (a rather creative and… More »

Visiting Philippe Kuhn in Pfalz

  I am SO EXCITED to be visiting Philipp Kuhn in Pfalz this week! It will be my first time to Pfalz,and Kuhn is one of the key producers of… More »

Wine regions in Germany

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