Wine from Italy

Discovering Chiaretto – the pale Italian rosé wine from Bardolino

Have you ever heard the word ‘Chiaretto?’ If you haven’t, you will surely be saying it with the correct Italian accent (key-ar-et-toh) by next summer, as the Italian Bardolino lake… More »

Visit to the Bardolino Wine Museum and Zeni

Our generous Zeni family hosted us for our final night of our visit to Bardolino at the Bardolino Wine Museum, which they own and operate. The museum is filled with… More »

Tenuta La Presa

Visit to Tenuta LA Presa

A delightful visit to a gorgeous wine estate that functions both as a hotel and of course, as a working winery. It is a family-owned enterprise involving the parents and… More »

Castelnuovo del Garda

Visiting the Castelnuovo Del Garda Cooperative

One almost needs to draw a breath approaching the enormous Castelnuovo cooperative – it is immense and imposing! 200 members make up this cooperative which was established in 1958. As… More »

young producers of Bardolino

Visit with the Young Producers of Bardolino

Now you’ve probably heard of “speed dating” – yet have you ever heard of speed tasting? It’s actually a very clever idea and an excellent way to get to know… More »

Cantina di Negrar

Chiaretto meets Valpolicella at Cantina di Negrar

Domini Veneti, the well dressed export manager for this impressive cooperative, greets us outside the gorgeous winery on a beautiful sunny day. This winery had been built in 1952, though… More »

Cantina di Custoza

Chiaretto meets Custoza at Cantina di Custoza

The day begins as we meet winemaker Luca Oliosi in the large, bright shop of this impressively large consortium. The consortium produces 7 million bottles a year. Many customers are… More »

Chiaretto meets Valtenesi at Villa Galniga

Tonight we had the opportunity to hear the presentations of three wineries of Valtenesi Chiaretto: Costaripa, Pasini San Giovanni, and Pratello. Nicole Vezzola of Costaripa winery meets us on our… More »

Tinazzi winery cooking class

Tinazzi Winery & Cooking Class at Tenuta Valleselle

Cooking classes are all the rage in Italy, and the Tenuta Valleselle winery in Bardolino offers classes in cooking along with tastings of their range of exquisite wines. Greeting us… More »

Le Fraghe

Visiting La Fraghe and Albino Piona Winery

Matilde Poggi of La Fraghe was born in 1962, the third of six children. Her first harvest was in 1984; prior to that year the grapes from this gorgeous family… More »

Le Morette

Chiaretto meets Lugana: Le Morette Winery

We are greeted in front of the winery during a glorious sunset, the golden sun melting against a pink, purple, and gold sky. Fabio Zenato, the third generation of winemaker,… More »

Seiterre Winery

Visit to Wine Group Seiterre

The name Seiterre is meant to refer to “six lands” – different geographical areas, diverse climates, varried terraine, and different wine varieties. Seiterre represents an agricultural business with approximately 300… More »

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